Policy Papers



Policy Paper 1


The inequality content of some of the Europe 2020 flagships (download)
By: Francesco Bogliacino 




Policy Paper 2


A supplementary measure of income poverty including housing: advantages and risks, measurement challenges and policy implications (download)
By: Virginia Maestri



Policy Paper 3


Time series and cross country variation of income inequalities in Europe on the medium run: are inequality structures converging in the past three decades? (download)
By: Istvan Gyorgy Toth



Policy Paper 4


Measuring material deprivation over the economic crisis: Does a re-evaluation of ‘need’ affect measures of material deprivation? (download)
By: Abigail McKnight


Download Policy Paper 5


Towards a better marriage between job growth and poverty reduction (download)
By: Ive Marx, Jeroen Horemans, Sarah Marchal, Tim Van Rie and Vincent Corluy


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